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Posted 2 years ago

My Top 11 Tunezzz - 2011 

And so it com(eth) to pass(eth) that I will blog(eth) about my top tunes(eth) of the year(eth)…. and you won’t give a shit..(eth) So here they izz, in no particular order:

Labrinth - Earthquake

I met Labrinth this year and he was one of the nicest celeb types i’ve ever ever worked with. Plus this tune more infectious than your crabs.

SBTRKT - Pharoahs

I accidentally saw SBTRKT live 3 times this year. Each time this tune blew me sideways. It’s a beaut.

Azelia Banks - 212

My friend who produces a radio show nearly played the unedited version of this on her show. Good job she didn’t because Azelia has a potty mouth….but she does make exceedingly good tunes.

Bombay Bicycle Club - Shuffle

Straddling the line between cool indie and chart contenders, this group are getting stronger and stronger.

Rizzle Kicks - Down with the trumpets

Stupidly cool, bloody hot, annoyingly talented and only 19. Bastards.

Coldplay - Charlie Brown

It might not be cool to like Coldplay but I couldn’t give two shits. The best live band in the world. This song is epic.

Little Boots - Shake

I know, Little Boots right? This dropped onto the interwebs a couple of months back and has been pleasantly invading my earholes ever since. Well done The Boots.

Friendly Fires - Blue Cassette

Dancing to this whilst fucked in a field with my best mates at Glastonbury this year is a memory that will live with me forever. One day i’ll dance as well as Ed from the group. One day.

Britney Spears - Till The World Ends

Yes, she had nothing to do with this album and yes it was fucking awesome. This is an awesome nugget of crispy pop perfection.

Kanye West - All Of The Lights

Kanye once again ignoring what’s cool and producing something interesting, original, exciting and incredibly self indulgent.

Joe Goddard - Gabriel

CHRIST! I very nearly forgot about this nugget. Joe Goddard has done some great stuff this year and this is a decadent slab of amazingness.

Posted 3 years ago

Tickling my ear holes…

I’m perplexed that its the end of July. HOW has this happened? I should probably add something here about growing older and the passing of time but I can’t be arsed.

Anyway, summer has popped out some glowing musical nuggets. Here are 3 currently flowering in my musical garden.

First up…

Professor Green

The gardening professional has returned to his more grimey dirty roots with this new track ‘At Your Inconvenience’. Its the first release from his album of the same name and trips along in a glorious off beat fashion. Good shit.

The Drums

Want some summery jittery guitar filled indie pop? Well here you go. They want to do things with you but don’t have any money. Kinda sad. I think they should get haircuts first when they get some money. Great track though.


'Pharaohs' is the next single from the Londoners debut album. It's by far the most mainstream friendly track on the record and should deff hit some radio station playlists. He totally deserves it. I've seen him twice this summer and each time he's blown me away. If you don't have the album, get it. Spot on.

Posted 3 years ago

20 things I learnt at Glastonbury…


Yup, i’m one of those smug bastards who went to Glastonbury this year. Yup, it was fucking incredible and yup, I am hating being back in civilization. (Who needs showers, beds and general home comforts anyway??)

I was going to write about the awesome bands I saw (Ms Dynamite, Metronomy, Two Door Cinema Club, Katy B, Jamie XX, SBTRKT, The Vaccines, Elbow, Coldplay, Example, The Joy Formidable, Beyonce and on and on and on) but that seemed too long. So instead, here are twenty things I learnt at Glastonbury……

  1. 1. The Vaccines sound like Editors live (which is a bit of a shame). 
  2. 2. Eating an ice cream whilst wearing a rain mac in the pouring rain will get you odd looks.
  3. 3. Mud comes in many different forms. Sloppy, sticky, mulchy, smelly.
  4. 4. Toilets at Glastonbury are the next hype. (Vom)
  5. 5. Example does not have good arms up close.
  6. 6. U2 sound good from inside a tent. It is possible to sleep through them too.
  7. 7. Beyonce is the greatest popstar in the world today. No contest….
  8. 8. …although she mistook my friend Steph for a man called Steve. Totes awks.
  9. 9. Drinking cheap vodka all day will provoke memory loss.
  10. 10. Two Door Cinema Club will headline the Pyramid in a couple of years.
  11. 11. Ostrich meat is delicious.
  12. 12. Falling asleep with your head in a pizza box will get you taken to the medic.
  13. 13. Mexican skeletons are not good at dancing or giving directions.
  14. 14. Horse. Meat. Disco. You’re hot!
  15. 15. I have bulk calves. Wellies ARE NOT my friend.
  16. 16. Coldplay are the best live band i’ve ever seen…
  17. 17. ….apart from Friendly Fires.
  18. 18. Trying to dance to Jamie XX and SBTRKT in the mud is hard. It’s all about the upper body movements.
  19. 19. Wearing leopard print tights on your face will not stop you getting sunburnt. It will get you odd looks
  20. 20. Glastonbury is the best festival on the planet. Roll on 2013.