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Posted 3 years ago

Rizzle Kicks have re-versioned Price Tag by Jessie J. It’s been floating around for a few months and it’s ace. Put it in your ears asap.

Posted 3 years ago

An incredible 39 song mashup….I want to learn to do this. Mezmerising!

Posted 3 years ago

Having a clear out


Last week, whilst clearing crap off an old hard drive, I found some demos I recorded with my originals band back in 2006. One of the members went on to get signed by Sony records, toured Europe with a HUGE American pop star and had a number 1 album in Asia. Mental.

Here are some tunes what I co-wrote and played keyboards on innit bruv.

Feels Like Im Running by Eddo

Pretty Regular by Eddo Kalidescopic Soul by Eddo Shooting Star by Eddo

Posted 3 years ago

Great Escape Festival - Bands what I want to see innit

I’m a little freaked out that The Great Escape Festival is here again. It seems only 2 mins ago I was running around Brighton with a recording kit shoving a microphone in front of various bands faces and demanding they talk to me about their music and stuff.  Interviewing (the beautiful) Tigs from Chew Lips on the beach was a highlight last year. We were both hungover to high hell….. anyway, here are bands what I want to see this year (innit)

Friendly Fires

Yeah, an obvious choice but the chance to watch them play their new and amazing album ‘Pala’ live? Too bloody right. Its barely left my ears for the last few days and is sounding better and better on each listen. A friend once described their euphoric stylings like ‘the sound of falling in love’…. I know this makes her sound like a massive wanker but I totally agree. (Maybe i’m a massive wanker?)

Dog Is Dead

Their sound has been described as ‘Louis Armstrong lost in a disco’ - sounds pretty sweet to me. They use trumpets, strings, glockenspiel and 4 part harmonies to create incredibly uplifting singalong ditties. This one is gonna be good.

Mz Bratt

The female MC who bloody deserves to be riding high in the charts. Incredibly slick tunes, great flow and original style and production. This is ‘Get Dark’


Dirty, grimey, bouncy  - this guy was discovered by John Peel at the age of 16 and quickly signed to Ninja Tune. I first heard ‘ShapeShift’ at the end of last year and it’s just fantastic. Intrigued to see how he reproduces this sound live.

The Joy Formidable

Dave Grohl recently tweeted -“I would like to personally thank The Joy Formidable for writing song of the year “Whirring”. Dave xxx”….. what an accolade. They got signed to Atlantic Records earlier this year so i’m interested to see if/how their sound has changed. This is the aforementioned ‘Whirring’.  Dave <3 Joy Formidable


….and finally. Yuck. Born from the remains of Cajun Dance Party (who?) come Yuck. They are from London and their songs are built around incredibly infectious guitar riffs which imbed themselves in my skull for days on end. In terms of sound - think somewhere between Placebo and The Strokes. Excited about this one.

So will I see all these bands? Probably not. I’ll do what I normally do. Get too drunk on the first night and spend the next two days regretting it and carrying on drinking….and missing bands. Ah well. The thought was there.

Posted 3 years ago



I stumbled across a DJ today called DJ Lobsterdust. He makes very good mash ups. Here are my three favourites.

Lady Gaga vs The Raconteurs - Steady Romance

MGMT vs Far East Movement - Geesix Kidz

Willow Smith vs Beastie Boys - Whipotage

Posted 4 years ago

Hurts - Wonderful Life


The world and his dog are currently going mental about Hurts. Here are a few reasons why:

  1. They look like the band Bros from the 80’s; people went mental about Bros.
  2. Their music also sounds like it comes from the 80’s. Perhaps they are bros?
  3. Infact, here’s a picture of Bros. Yup, it’s them. 

Anyway, I wanted to post the video for their new single ‘Wonderful Life’ but Sony have lovingly stopped it being embedded for reasons that they are idiots. So you can view it here. It’s massively pretentious, features a lot of staring into the middle distance and epileptic dance moves…but I sorta love it.

They announced today that they’ve recorded a track with Kylie which I find a bit baffling and equally annoying as I reckon they can and need to stand on their own feet at the moment. Ah well, will see just what the record sounds like when it’s released in September - here’s hoping it’s a cracker.

If Hurts have passed you by thus far, here’s a couple of tracks from their album.  First single ‘Better Than Love’

Hurts - Better Than Love by arjanwrites

….and Blood, Tears and Gold

Blood,Tears & Gold - Hurts by bastardtool

Excited yet?

Posted 4 years ago

Here’s the video for 'Islands' by The XX. It’s a beautiful video to match one of the best songs from the last few years (in my humble opinion of course).

Here are 3 facts about the band

  1. They come from south London
  2. Jamie suffers from insomnia
  3. Courtney Love is a huge fan

Listen. Indulge. Buy their album.

Posted 4 years ago

Zorbing is the latest release from hugely hyped Stornoway. This track has been kicking around since the end of last year but get’s its official release next month.

It’s beautiful, understated and perfect summer musical material.