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Posted 2 years ago

My Top 11 Tunezzz - 2011 

And so it com(eth) to pass(eth) that I will blog(eth) about my top tunes(eth) of the year(eth)…. and you won’t give a shit..(eth) So here they izz, in no particular order:

Labrinth - Earthquake

I met Labrinth this year and he was one of the nicest celeb types i’ve ever ever worked with. Plus this tune more infectious than your crabs.

SBTRKT - Pharoahs

I accidentally saw SBTRKT live 3 times this year. Each time this tune blew me sideways. It’s a beaut.

Azelia Banks - 212

My friend who produces a radio show nearly played the unedited version of this on her show. Good job she didn’t because Azelia has a potty mouth….but she does make exceedingly good tunes.

Bombay Bicycle Club - Shuffle

Straddling the line between cool indie and chart contenders, this group are getting stronger and stronger.

Rizzle Kicks - Down with the trumpets

Stupidly cool, bloody hot, annoyingly talented and only 19. Bastards.

Coldplay - Charlie Brown

It might not be cool to like Coldplay but I couldn’t give two shits. The best live band in the world. This song is epic.

Little Boots - Shake

I know, Little Boots right? This dropped onto the interwebs a couple of months back and has been pleasantly invading my earholes ever since. Well done The Boots.

Friendly Fires - Blue Cassette

Dancing to this whilst fucked in a field with my best mates at Glastonbury this year is a memory that will live with me forever. One day i’ll dance as well as Ed from the group. One day.

Britney Spears - Till The World Ends

Yes, she had nothing to do with this album and yes it was fucking awesome. This is an awesome nugget of crispy pop perfection.

Kanye West - All Of The Lights

Kanye once again ignoring what’s cool and producing something interesting, original, exciting and incredibly self indulgent.

Joe Goddard - Gabriel

CHRIST! I very nearly forgot about this nugget. Joe Goddard has done some great stuff this year and this is a decadent slab of amazingness.

Posted 3 years ago

Tickling my Earholes…again

I know! 2 new music posts in one week? I must be ill (I actually have been, hence the time to blog…but i’m on the mend now thanks for asking. Yes I have lost weight actually, how kind of you to notice! No you hang up…No you!) (soz)

Anyway - Rizzle Kicks

Bit of a wank name? Yup. But ignore that as this tune is a stonker. Here are 3 facts about the R BIZZLE Sticks.

  1. They are both 19 and come from Brighton
  2. They’ve known each other since they were wee nippers (kids to everyone else)
  3. They have beef with trumpets

This is the awesome 'Down With The Trumpets' which my mate Trixie (who’s blog you can follow here) described as potentially this years LDN by Lily Allen…Big praise indeed. Lets hope it gets the push it deserves.


Ms Dynamite ft Labrinth

Yeah that very one. As you might be aware shes been teaming up with some awesome artists and producers of late (Katy B, Zinc, Magnetic Man) and here is yet another top combo. She’s got together with Tinie Tempah’s producer Labrinth to make this amazing track, It’s called 'Neva Soft' and the production is just spot on….. I can't wait to hear Labrinth's solo album later this year.

And finallyNicola Roberts

Unless you’ve been hiding under Cheryl Coles massive hair and tears (or have no interest in what ex Girls Aloud members are up too) you’ll probably know that the ginger one from the group is about to release her debut solo single. The lead up to this release has been RIDICULOUS with various 20sec teasers dropping for the last 12 years (slight exaggeration). Well, it’s finally here and to be honest, it’s awesome. A bit Gwen Stefani mixed with Major Lazer and Daphne and Celeste. It sounds totally up to date, fresh and original. Here’s hoping the impending album stands up. This is 'Beat Of My Drum'