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Posted 2 years ago

My Top 11 Tunezzz - 2011 

And so it com(eth) to pass(eth) that I will blog(eth) about my top tunes(eth) of the year(eth)…. and you won’t give a shit..(eth) So here they izz, in no particular order:

Labrinth - Earthquake

I met Labrinth this year and he was one of the nicest celeb types i’ve ever ever worked with. Plus this tune more infectious than your crabs.

SBTRKT - Pharoahs

I accidentally saw SBTRKT live 3 times this year. Each time this tune blew me sideways. It’s a beaut.

Azelia Banks - 212

My friend who produces a radio show nearly played the unedited version of this on her show. Good job she didn’t because Azelia has a potty mouth….but she does make exceedingly good tunes.

Bombay Bicycle Club - Shuffle

Straddling the line between cool indie and chart contenders, this group are getting stronger and stronger.

Rizzle Kicks - Down with the trumpets

Stupidly cool, bloody hot, annoyingly talented and only 19. Bastards.

Coldplay - Charlie Brown

It might not be cool to like Coldplay but I couldn’t give two shits. The best live band in the world. This song is epic.

Little Boots - Shake

I know, Little Boots right? This dropped onto the interwebs a couple of months back and has been pleasantly invading my earholes ever since. Well done The Boots.

Friendly Fires - Blue Cassette

Dancing to this whilst fucked in a field with my best mates at Glastonbury this year is a memory that will live with me forever. One day i’ll dance as well as Ed from the group. One day.

Britney Spears - Till The World Ends

Yes, she had nothing to do with this album and yes it was fucking awesome. This is an awesome nugget of crispy pop perfection.

Kanye West - All Of The Lights

Kanye once again ignoring what’s cool and producing something interesting, original, exciting and incredibly self indulgent.

Joe Goddard - Gabriel

CHRIST! I very nearly forgot about this nugget. Joe Goddard has done some great stuff this year and this is a decadent slab of amazingness.